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Mozokhin Oleg Borisovich, Doctor of historical sciences, senior staff scientist, Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (19, Dmitriya Ulyanova street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. Failures in socio-economic policy in rural areas in the early thirties forced the party leadership to look for the culprits for disrupting the pace of collectivization. At present it is quite obvious that the process of the Central Committee of the “Labor peasant party” was initiated by Stalin. The purpose of the work – on the basis of the use of documentary sources-letters of N. D. Kondratiev and L. N. Yurovsky to reflect the progress of the investigation in this case.
Materials and methods. Implementation of research tasks was achieved on the basis of the use of documents of the Archive of the President of the Russian Federation and the Central archive of the FSB of Russia. Besides, materials of collections of documents were used in work: “Politburo and wrecking”, “N. D. Kondratyev. Suzdal letters” and “Letters of I. V. Stalin to V. M. Molotov. 1925–1936”. Methodological potential includes: philosophical principles of dialectics, namely objectivity, scientific, comprehensiveness, unity of historical, logical and others. Their implementation helped to conduct a study of documentary sources related to the identification of General and specific trends in the falsification of the CC TCH process.
Results. On the basis of N. D. Kondratyev and L. N. Yurovsky studied the activity of the Politburo of the CPSU(b) and the state security agencies for fraud investigation in the matter of the Central Committee of “Labor Peasant Party”. The specific historical study of this issue allows us to more clearly present the real processes of functioning of public authorities and security in the period under study. This is important for the formation in Russian society of an objective picture of the complex and controversial problems of Russian history.
Conclusions. The CC process “Labour peasant party”, initiated by the Politburo of the CPSU(b), was intended to neutralize critical to the plans of collectivization intellectuals to stabilize the situation in the village. At this time, the mechanism of coercion of those arrested during the investigation to give false testimony was worked out. In the process of “processing” they admitted everything that was required of them. The economic Department and the secret Department of the OGPU were particularly distinguished in this respect. 

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Labor Peasant Party, N. D. Kondratiev, L. N. Yurovsky, CPSU(b), Politburo, Stalin, Joint State Political Directorate (OGPU), agriculture, wrecking, repressions 


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